Jennifer Cant-Spoke

Do not take life too seriously; you'll never get out of it alive.

About Me

Jennifer Spoke

My name is Jennifer, and I live on the West Coast of Canada, in the Pacific North West region.  I love living in Vancouver. There are days I feel like I'm a tourist in my own city, especially on the days when the sun is shining, and the sky is cloudless and blue.  You know, the days when the mountains, sea and beaches are absolutely gorgeous.

My husband and I have a scooter each (250cc and a 163cc), which we love riding around on.  It saves so much on gas, and they're great for city traffic.  You'll find us most of the time using the scoots instead of our 1993 car.

I consider myself semi-conservative & a labour activist, as well as an evangelical Christian.  I dream of having a garden with beautiful flowers, fruit trees and a veggie garden.  In my dream I'm gardening, happily.  Then I wake up!

I believe that people should do for themselves within the realm of their abilities. I am sad that as a society we have become so self centered.   It's become a me-society...such a pity.